Your dogs are cute. Stay close by your mom.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"What did God say to you, Gracie?" I asked my daughter this past week.

"He said, 'Your dogs are cute. Stay close by your mom.'"

I admit, my first reaction to Grace, was aaawww, isn't that sweet? How precious that she wants to be with me. But then I realized, it's not just that Grace wants to be with me...Grace knows that she must be with me. She knows that her life is knit with mine and that David and I are the ones who will model God's love to her. This is not just little-girl sweetness. It truly is the word of the Lord to Grace. It is God's heart being revealed to her heart and she is ready to obey.
She will stay close to me.
In fact, she often makes it her main purpose in life to stay close to me!

Mom With Daughter

Grace often hears the Lord saying things like...

"Be with you mom. Give her hugs and give her a kiss. Don't argue. Just be with her."
"Be with your mom and be loving and show love."

It is beautiful and wonderful that Grace hears the Lord in this way and that she is able to obey. But what about the children who do not have a mom (or a dad) to stay close to? What about the children who cannot "just be with her"?

My heart breaks for these children, and I know that the Lord's heart is certainly even more saddened. He wants to whisper in their ear, "Stay close by your mom/dad," but there is no mom/dad to stay close to.

As we wait for news from Ind*a this week, I ask for your prayers. Would you entreat our precious Lord to make a way, to accelerate the adoption of both R. and V. (our closest friends' little girl)?

Oh how I long to ask my precious R., "What did God say to you, my daughter?" and have her respond, "Stay close by your mom/dad."

Soon, Lord Jesus. Let it be soon.


Gwen said...

Beautiful story about Grace. I pray that you hear some good news very soon!

No Greater Love said...

Oh...just like I said in the previous post's comment...Grace's heart is sooo beautiful. And she does show love through obedience...what an incredible example she is to all of us who love the Lord. We want to stay so close to Him...and obey Him!

And of course I am praying like crazy...(inbetween my bouts of massive cleaning....cause this woman has A LOT of pent up energy that needs to be released!!!!)

I love you.
P.S. Let's eat together tomorrow night....and have double family prayer time! Pizza????

Nichole said...

Praying for good news for both your families! Hugs and prayers coming your way!!!

Naomi said...

I will pray for you Sarah and have been praying for you this week. I hope when I return from Uganda that there is wonderful news :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh your sweet girl is so precious:)

Praying for both of these precious girls...and their Mommies too:)

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