the tender-hearted One

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Oh friends, we have such a kind and loving Savior. He's tender-hearted toward us. He is gentle and full of grace.

Our sweet Jesus has been speaking to my heart. Tender mercies, my friends. He's been revealing places where my wants and desires are not set on Him. He's been gently wooing me with His love. 

He's like that, dear ones.
He loves us in the midst of correction.
He draws us with His kindness.
He is utterly and completely patient with us

When I look into my own heart, I see that I do love Him. I see that I desire more of Him. I see that I want my heart to be completely His.

But lately He has been asking me hard questions.

Am I first, my child?
Can you trust yourself completely to Me?
Can you trust Me even when you feel confusion and pain, dear one?
Am I the One Thing that your heart longs for?

He doesn't ask out of selfishness. He asks out of love. He asks, knowing that He, alone, can satisfy; that the things of this world will never fill my heart and that when I look to those things for life I will only find sorrow.

Tender mercies, from the One who has set eternity in my heart, and who knows that I will never be satisfied with anything less.

Oh, how I love Him.
Oh, how He loves me.
My tender-hearted King.

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