a new thing (the where)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

God is doing something fabulously new in our lives, but if you had run into me a couple of weeks ago, you probably would have seen me crying. I think that I cried for about a week straight.

Someone would ask me a question: tears.
Someone would smile at me: tears.
Someone would look at me: tears.

Well, you get the idea...

But, even though my tears were in part from sadness, a much bigger portion of my tears were the result of overwhelming gratefulness to our God and what He is doing in our family.

You see, for the past number of years David and I have sensed that we were to do something new, something other than what we had been doing (though certainly involving aspects of what we were already doing). We prayed, sought the Lord, talked with one another and asked a few close people in our lives for input and advice.

And even though we felt like the Lord was giving us clarity and direction about a number of things, there was absolutely no place to live it out and no one with whom we could share in this calling. We knew, without a place and a people we would not be able to fully respond to all that He was asking of us.

So we waited.
And sought Him.
And waited some more.

But now, praise be to our amazing, faithful, and all-powerful God, we are no longer waiting!!!!!
(And as a beautiful side-note, we now understand much more of why He was having us wait in the first place.)

I will share more (of the what, why, and with whom) in the weeks to come, but for now I'll simply leave you with a snippet of where it is that we are going:

best date ever

Sunday, May 19, 2013

This past week, I had one of my best dates ever...
and it wasn't with my husband!
(Although, I've had some absolutely wonderful dates with my husband, as well!)

 It was with this guy!

In honor of Mother's Day, Adam took me out to our favorite Indian restaurant.
We had such a great time, talking and eating, eating and talking, and then eating some more (they have an amazing lunch buffet).

After lunch, we went to see the movie 42, which is a wonderful film about Jackie Robinson. Then, we headed to Cold Stone for dessert, where we had a great conversation about the movie. I so enjoy talking to my almost grown-up son. He has such profound thoughts and ideas about the world and his heart is truly filled with compassion and love.

Adam planned out the entire day, coming up with ideas that he knew I would enjoy. He even checked directions of how to get everywhere so that every part of the date could be a surprise. At one point he exclaimed "I can't wait until I can drive. Then, when I take you out on dates, it will be a lot easier to surprise you." Oh, how I love this boy young man!

Thank you, Adam, for a wonderful date. You are so thoughtful and giving. It is one of my greatest joys to be your mom!

Praise Him with dancing!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Every year, just before Christmas and in the spring, we have the great pleasure of attending Celebration Ministry of Art's dance recital. It really is a joy to see these young ladies worshiping our precious Jesus, in dance. This year, I decided to only take pictures during the dress rehearsal, instead of during the actual performance, so that I could simply enjoy the time of worship, during the recital.

Grace danced to You Put this Love in my Heart.

What a sweet group of girls, dancing to such a joyful song.

Lily danced to Esther, by Esterlyn.

I cried every time that I saw her dance to this song (even practicing at home).

Lily has danced with this same group of girls for the past few years, and this dance was just beautiful.

Praising God for this wonderful opportunity for our daughters to learn to worship and praise Him.

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