Praise Him with dancing!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Every year, just before Christmas and in the spring, we have the great pleasure of attending Celebration Ministry of Art's dance recital. It really is a joy to see these young ladies worshiping our precious Jesus, in dance. This year, I decided to only take pictures during the dress rehearsal, instead of during the actual performance, so that I could simply enjoy the time of worship, during the recital.

Grace danced to You Put this Love in my Heart.

What a sweet group of girls, dancing to such a joyful song.

Lily danced to Esther, by Esterlyn.

I cried every time that I saw her dance to this song (even practicing at home).

Lily has danced with this same group of girls for the past few years, and this dance was just beautiful.

Praising God for this wonderful opportunity for our daughters to learn to worship and praise Him.


Aus said...

Simply beautiful!!

hugs - aus and co.

Peter and Nancy said...

Beautiful -- wish we had something like that in our city. What a joy to see your daughters understand worship in many different settings.

Kristin said...

How beautiful!

Sally-Girl! said...


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