knowing who you are (the spirit of adoption)

Monday, April 29, 2013

It was a warm, beautiful day in Guangzhou. David and Kaikai were walking a little ways behind Grace, Lily and myself, so the girls and I stopped to look out over the lake. A (non-Chinese) man walked up next to us. "You have beautiful daughters," he exclaimed.

I thanked him and continued to talk to my girls.

"Is their father Chinese?" he asked.

"They are adopted," I explained.

"I see. Why didn't you want to have children of your own?" he then asked.

I had an instant flash of anger that this man would ask such a question in front of my girls. "They are my own," I answered curtly.

"Oh, you know what I mean," he continued, oblivious to my irritation. "And what about their real mother?"

That was when I decided that it was time to leave. I turned to him and explained quite clearly that I was their real mother, since I was the one who loved them and took care of them and lived with them.

"Yeah," Lily added in her characteristic, firm way, and then we walked away.

Later on, I asked my precious Lily if she felt hurt by what that man had said. Her response surprised me at first. "No," she said, "That sort of thing doesn't bother me. I know that you're my real mom," and then she gave me a hug.

But when I thought about her response later, I wasn't so surprised, because my sweet Lily
knows who she is.

Lily is a beloved daughter.
She is absolutely treasured.
She is accepted, cherished and greatly loved.
She knows that she takes my breath away.
She knows that there is nothing that she can do to lose David's and my love for her.
She is ours and we are hers.

Lily is so secure in who she is, that it caused me to ask myself,
"Do I know who I am, like that?"

When the world tells me I am not good enough, or that I am unwanted and unloved, does my heart respond with the truth?

Do I say, I am a beloved daughter!?
I am treasured, cherished, accepted and greatly loved.
Do I know that I take my Father's breath away?!
Am I aware that there is nothing that I can do to lose my Father's love?
I am His and He is mine.

Oh Father, it's true!
I am Your beloved daughter and there is nothing that anyone can do or say to change that. Let this fact grow deeper and deeper into my heart. Let it be my identity.

And dear friends, may it be your identity, as well!
May you know who you are in Christ...
a daughter/son of the King!
Absolutely beloved.

Thank you, Father, that is who we really and truly are


Cheri said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful reminder of who we are in Christ.

No Greater Love said...

I love this story about Lily...and I love your application to yourself. So beautiful!!!! May we all continue to know more and more how beloved we are.

Gwen said...

Beautiful post. Love the story about Lily, too. :)

Aus said...

Well now - a troll - glad you could make an insightful moment of it! But that's the mission isn't it - to know who we are and how we are and what we are - that's the very definition of "growth" in the life our Father calls us to - to know ourselves through Him...

So maybe not a troll - but and Angel - designed to give ALL OF US and insightful moment through you and your family...I mean what are the odds that one would meet a non-Chinese guy in GZ who wasn't a fellow adoptive parent (or at least sensitive to it)?

Yeah - maybe not a troll...

hugs - and great joy - thanks for sharing the lesson!

aus and co.

Miche said...

This was so beautiful to read! Lily is one super wise young lady; such a great insight on your part for us all. Love.

James, Dawn and Family said...

Beautifully said!

Sally-Girl! said...

Sent this to my 17 yr old after you posted. She is still bringing it up for conversation!!! Thank you!

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