How could two kids...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

who were born on two different continents...

in two completely different cultures...
in two different decades...

be so much alike?!

I could tell from the start...

These two were made of the same stuff.

They are both gentle, sensitve and thoughtful of others.

They are playful, but are rarely wild and never out of control.

They're affectionate. They know how to give and receive love.

And they are both bright, but easily distracted!
(Wow! It's like teaching Adam to read all over again!)

Precious brother and sister. They might not look all that much alike.

But their hearts are the same.
And I'm so glad that I get to be mama to both of you!

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So what's the deal with boys and Star Wars?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When I was a kid, my cousins would visit us every summer. For at least two of those summers, my cousin, Marc, was totally into Star Wars. He constantly walked around with a light saber in hand, ready to do batttle with the forces of evil. I didn't really understand Marc. What was the attraction that seemed at times to escalate to almost a fever pitch?
Even as an adult, I still don't completely understand the Star Wars facination among young boys. But, I do know that if there is a boy between the ages of 7 and 12 around, there is almost a guarantee that he will immediately be drawn to Luke, Darth, Yoda and the like.
At our house, it started out with two enormous bins of legos, given to us by a friend whose three boys were now in high school and college. There were some incredible Star Wars sets in those bins, and Adam and Jadon spent hours trying to piece them together. Eventually, we discovered that you could get directions on the computer, and they were able to build pod racers, a droid tank, a snow speeder and more!

Eventually, the boys got a few more sets and figures for Christmas and birthdays.

When they take it all out to play, they have quite the collection!

We've basically stopped giving Jadon anything but Star Wars legos, because really if he's got some free time and is inside, that's what he wants to do.

Adam is 11 and isn't quite as into Star Wars as he used to be (you know...leaving childish things behind and all that). But, he still does like to play Star Wars legos with his brother and his friend Josh.

Sometimes, even the big boy in our house gets into the action.

He had a Star Wars birthday party for his 7th birthday....maybe he'd like one for his 40th, too...?

Girls just don't like Star Wars as much as boys. Yana will play for a little while, but as you can see, she just doesn't take it quite as seriously as the boys do. Grace and Lily? They'd rather dance in the other room.
I recently saw a picture of my cousin Marc's son. He didn't have a light saber in hand...but I bet he's got one hidden away at home.

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a little change

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey! I changed my blog so that anonymous users can leave comments. So that means people like my mom (hint! hint!) can now leave comments. Please leave your first name, though, even if you're anonymous. Thanks!

poured out

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"There came a woman with an alabaster vial of very costly perfume of pure nard; and she broke the vial and poured it over His head." Mark 14:3
Oh, my precious Lord, break me, that I may be poured out as an offering to You.
"If you're still measuring out your offerings, you haven't seen His worth yet."
(Klaus, Stay Amazed)
Lord, may I not give you some, or even most of myself. I want to give you everything, that You may be glorified.
"Did He pour out his soul unto death for us, and shall we think any box of ointment too precious to pour out upon Him?"
(Matthew Henry, commentary on Mark 14)
There is nothing more precious than you, Lord. May all that I own, and all that I am belong to You. For you have given everything, and giving everything is the only sane response.

I'd love to hear your ideas!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have been so encouraged by many of your lives and the things that you are doing to help your children learn to love God and others. I'm wondering if you can help me. Could you share with me what sorts of things you do to help your children learn to love those who are either close-by (but are not immediate friends or family) or who live far away?

To start the ball rolling, I'll tell you about two small things that we've done that seem to really help our children to see others through God's eyes.
First, we have the childen write letters and draw pictures to the children that we sponsor through Compassion. We've sponsored a couple of particularly sweet girls in India and this has encouraged our children's interest in India. As a result, they also like to pray for the incredible kids at Sarah's Covenant Homes (, and the work that Sarah and others are doing there.
Secondly, Yana was very concerned when we passed by anyone holding a sign, asking for work, money, etc. A friend of mine always has bags of food ready to give to these precious people, so we decided that we would do the same thing. We simply fill up a few small bags at a time and keep them in the car, so that we always have something to give as the need arises. Of course, if possible, we try to talk to these people, as well. Preferably, the children initiate the conversation and the giving of the bag of food.

So what do you do with your children to cultivate the love of Jesus towards others? I know that you will have some great ideas! I'd be so very grateful if you would share them with me. I truly want to give my children the gift of a life given over to the love and service of God and others, and I know that many of you have that same desire. Thanks so much for your help!

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What do you think?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Does my hubby need a new pair of shoes for Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet love!

And Happy Valentine's Day to you, my precious friends!!

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Kids Welcome Here!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One of the great things about having a more-than-average number of children, is that we always attract more children from the neighborhood, church, etc.

I decided to take a few pictures of the kid-happenings around our house during this past week. It's always a party over here!!
E. and Jadon, enjoying a game together.

Lily, leading the girls in some dancing.

Grace and best-buddy, A., making cookies.

Stratego anyone?

Grace and M. (He's so cute! He comes over to our house every day after Kindergarten to see if Grace can play).

Lily, M. and Rosie, playing "boat" in Lily's hammock.

Okay, Yi is not a kid, but the boys have a great time with him!

Doing nails with T.

Ready to catch A.!

Playdough is always fun!

Yana and T. (she's such a sweetheart!).

C. and Jadon, reading about ancient Greece.

E. and Adam. Don't they both have great smiles?

So, if you're in the area, come on over! There's always room for one (or two, or three...) more!

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