They're really cookin' now!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ever since Yana's cooking extravaganza last week, all of the kids have been asking to make meals. We've been having such a good time! As long as we're not in a rush (and don't mind a little extra clean-up), it really is a great activity to do together.
Last Saturday, Lily made some incredible quiche. Here she is, mixing up the filling.
Chopping fruit for the fruit salad.

It was getting a little late, so Lily hopped in the shower, and got her jammies on while the quiche was in the oven. Here's Lily and Dad (Lily's right-hand kitchen helper) with the finished product. They were delicious!

On Friday night, Adam decided to make mini pizzas. Wow! They were really good!

Adding some sliced peaches to his smoothies.

There's nothing like a good salad (especially when I don't have to wash the lettuce!).

Everyone likes to get in on the fun!! Yes...they really are cooking now!

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Kim said...

You may have the next Food Network Star living in your home. You are the BEST mama!!! All the food looks delish! I wish I had one of those mini pizzas right now! This post has made me hungry....okay i'm on my way to the kitchen to hunt me down a little snacky :-).

Love you!!!

Waitingfaithfully said...

I'm with Kim, this post made me hungry too! Good job guys! Everything looks great. Beautiful quiche, Lily.

Sarah, your Lily girl has the most precious smile--she just makes me smile! Way to go on the kids in the kitchen, such wonderful experience, not to mention the bonus of food!

Blessings to you friend~


James, Dawn and Family said...

WOW, I'm totally impressed!

Jean said...

Wow- that is so great to do it together! It is one f my New YeAR RESOLUTION BUT I HAVEN'T QUITE GOTTEN TO IT YET!

You have some very good cooks! I'm getting hungry!

Gwen said...

I want to come eat at your house! All the food looks great, and learning to cook is such an important skill! (I'm still trying to master it, haha)

Difference2This1 said...

What a blessing to have help with the cooking!!!

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