Spectacular number seven!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Look at this sweet face...

For seven years, I've been the blessed mama that gets to see this face every single day.
Really, could he be any cuter?
But, don't tell him I said that, because he is almost nine, you know, and being called cute isn't really his favorite thing anymore.

But, he is cute...there's just no way around it.
And if we're not in public, sometimes he doesn't mind being called cute.

Jadon has also become a little adverse to hugs in public.
But, if you're in need of a hug in private, he is all there.

And he's a great hugger.

And if you're Adam, he'll probably even give you a hug in public.
('Cuz Adam is pretty much the light of Jadon's life.)

Okay, Elijah might get a hug in public too.
('cuz Elijah is his next-best buddy).

But, more likely, you'll find them sword fighting or confiscating Grace's dolls (in the nicest possible way, of course).

When we adopted Jadon, we could tell right away that he was all boy.

But he does have a quiet side too.

Especially when he's asleep.

He's really quiet then.
But, I like it when Jadon is awake...'cuz he's just so darn cute (sorry Jade...I can't help myself!), and fun, and sweet and loveable!

Thanks for seven wonderful years together, Jadon! You are an absolute treasure. We love you and are so glad that you are our son!

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Waitingfaithfully said...

What a treasure you have in Jadon-- and a cute treasure at that! Sorry Jadon, couldn't resist! Congratulations on seven precious years together. Love all of the pictures of your guy.

Blessings ~


nikimac said...

Congratulations!!! Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute.....CUTE

Shonni said...

What a sweet love post about your little boy. I can see that you're glad that God gave him to you!

Jean said...

What a wonderful son you have! I think he is a very happy boy! I sure can tell he loves his family! And yes, he is very CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Jadie....we lOVE YOU so much! And are so thankful to the Lord for YOU! And of course, who would Elijah play swords with, and er....hide (you KNOW that's not the word they use Sarah) Grace's dolls with....if not you! You are truly his best buddy, and he adores you, as we all do.


Aunt Mer

Kim said... blessed years with your sweet son. I am honored to say I have meet this precious boy!

Your pictures are GREAT!

Happy Day!

David and Sarah said...

Okay, Mer, they KIDNAP Grace's dolls. Kidnap?! Where did they learn that word?! I thought that "confiscate" sounded better! hehehe


Difference2This1 said...

Very cool photos :) Congratulations on 7 years!!

Gwen said...

Wow, seven years! Congratulations! Jadon is a cutie. Sarah and Jadon have something in common-- their quiet sides are best observed while sleeping. :)

Mom Of Many said...

YOur Jadon is handsome and has such a tender smile. What a treasure and how blessed you are!! xo

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