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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I definitely watched too much The Price is Right when I was a kid.
...kinda why we don't let our kids watch t.v.
brain cells, you know.

But, back to the subject at hand.
has won the drawing for the Ugandan necklace and for the Orphaned No More bracelet!
I'm happy about that.
Kim is wonderful.
She, her husband and their two darling daughters are missionaries in Mexico.
So, if you haven't visited her blog,
you should definitely do that.

On a side note, the drawing was almost rigged.
My Lily-girl absolutely loves Tina's daughter, Teddi.
So, she was planning on picking Tina's name.
But, I guess that guilt overcame her.
So, she fessed up.
And the drawing was held...unrigged.

Kim, please email me here, so that I can get your address and so you can tell me which bracelet you'd like to have.

Thanks so much to everyone who has come together to help sweet Genevieve.
Her surgery is acutally scheduled to start in one hour!
Please pray for this little darling.

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coming right up...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update:  My friend, Kirk, is going to be talking to Sarah (SCH) Monday morning at 8:30 am (mountain time).  He'll be praying for Genevieve via phone and I'm going to join them all via skype.  You can join us too!  Please pray for sweet Genevieve on Monday morning.  Let's cover this little sweetie in prayer.

Surgery for Genevieve is scheduled for Wednesday. 
It turns out that she'll be able to have the corneal grafting at the same time as she has the cyst removed!
This is wonderful news!
At this point, we have 78% of the funds needed for the surgery.
It would be wonderful if the surgery could be fully funded by Wednesday,
if you donate to Genevieve's surgery by the 30th (Tuesday), I'll enter you in a drawing for a 147 Ugandan necklace and a bracelet that will help bring Daleea's little darling home.
For more information about the drawing, click here

Thanks so much for caring for this little sweetheart.

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We're almost there!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friends, I am so grateful to you and to the Lord!
We have 75% of the needed funds for sweet Genevieve's surgery.
She may even be able to have the surgery as soon as the end of November, if the rest of the funds come in soon.

Just a little bit more to go...
Thank you so much for loving this preious little child.

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more Genevieve sweetness

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanks for helping this little darlin'

She's so worth it.
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plunder hell

Sunday, November 14, 2010

About a year ago, I was at a Global Awakening conference.  Randy Clarke was speaking about our opportunity to give to their ministry.  I will never forget what he said because it has greatly impacted my understanding of giving. 

"Plunder Hell with your finances."

In other words...
Advance the Kingdom.
Defeat the enemy.
Give with an eternal perspective.

He encouraged everyone at the conference to shout out, "Plunder Hell!" as we dropped our offering into the offering box.
Woohoo!  What a blast!
Just think of it...
we can plunder Hell just by gving out of the abundant wealth that God has granted to us as Americans.
We can truly affect the eternal with our finances.
What a privilege and an honor!

So, I just want to encourage you.
If the Lord gives you the desire and the ability to help with Genevieve's sugery,
(click here to find out more about Genevieve)
you can know that you are truly plundering Hell as you hit that chip in button.
You are acting on behalf of our generous Father to give to this precious child.

And if the Lord calls you to give more to your church, missions, orphans, etc.
please know that with each of these things you are plundering Hell.
You are affecting the eternal.

isn't it?

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Most of the time...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

this is how Genevieve looks.

sweet baby
The cyst in her eye protrudes so far out
that, in addition to not being able to see out of her right eye,
it's also extremely,
and constantly

To find out how you can help Genevieve
(and maybe win some great Christmas gifts)
click here.

Thanks so much for showing your love to this sweet girl.

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This is gonna be fun!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

  I just love to see God work miraculously in the lives of His children.
And I am absolutely positive that this is going to be one of those times.
The sweet little pumpkin below is named Genevieve.  She lives in India at Sarah's Covenant Homes.  She is an absolute angel-girl and I fell in love with her when I was there.  She reminds me so much of my sweet Grace.  So, since I was missing Grace while in India, I carried precious Genevieve around a lot. 

Genevieve has a pretty miraculous story.  And since Sarah knows that story a lot better than I do, I'm going to give you the story in her words.

Genevieve is a sweet four-year-old girl. When she arrived in December, she was very much like a shy little baby. Because of her delayed development, she was referred into our care as a child with cognitive special needs, but it's quite evident to us now that she has no cognitive challenges. I'm amazed at her progress in just under a year's time. She wasn't walking when she arrived but learned to walk soon after we received her. She also started talking and now talks fluently in a very on-target way for her age. She attends a local private English-language preschool, where she shines! She's no longer shy and is very active and playful. Her best buddies are Victoria, Jeanette, Brent, and Rebekah.
Genevieve has a dermoid cyst on her cornea which has significantly damaged her vision in that eye. It also seems to irritate her. She will need at least two surgeries for this--one to remove the cyst, and then eventually she'll need a corneal graft from a donor to try and restore the sight in that eye. The surgeons wanted to wait until she turned four to start the process, and we feel she's definitely ready for the first surgery and that it would relieve her to have that large cyst gone. The first surgery will cost at least $1500. Bless you for wanting to help this sweetheart!

Just a little love and this precious girl has blossomed!
Last week, when I found out about Genevieve's upcoming surgery, I heard the Lord say, "Sarah, you raise the money for this surgery."  So, I talked to my family and they were more than enthusiastic.
We've added a chip in button onto my blog and we can't wait to see what God is going to do!

We also wanted to make this fun...and what could be more fun than a giveaway!
So, for every $10 that you chip in, you'll get one entry in the giveaway.
If you donate $25, you'll get three entries.
If you blog or facebook about Genvieve (and how people can give to her surgery), you'll get another entry.
The drawing will be held on November 30th.
You'll need to tell me if you've blogged or facebooked about Genevieve and how many entries I should give you for your donation (because the chip in information will go directly to SCH, not to me).
You can leave a comment or email me directly

I LOVE that there are so many people who are selling things in order to benefit orphans or to raise money for their adoptions.  So, if you win, the prize will be a double blessing, because not only will you help Genevieve, you'll also help women in Uganda and you'll help Daleea's family to adopt their little sweetie.
This prize includes a Ugandan necklace from Project 147.

And your choice of any bracelet from Daleea at Orphaned No More.

Thanks so much for helping sweet Genevieve!
This really is gonna be fun!

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missions trip giveaway

Monday, November 8, 2010

In the past couple of weeks I have been in touch with the wonderful people from Visiting Orphans.  I wanted to let you know that they are GIVING AWAY a missions trip to ANYWHERE that they travel.  I don't know about you, but I'd pick a missions trip to an orphanage over a trip to Hawaii or the Caribbean any day!  What a joy to serve the Lord and His precious children in this way.

All that you need to do is to go here and buy one of their great T's.  You'll automatically be entered into their drawing for the free missions trip.

The drawing for the free missions trip will take place on November 11, so hurry over and get your tee and your chance to win today!

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gotcha our sweet gracie-girl

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On this day, two years ago, we met our precious Grace.
so tiny...
so frightened...

Today, we celebrate that incredible day.

And we couldn't be more grateful...

for this sweet,


joyful treasure.

 We love you so much, Grace.
And we are so glad that God brought you to us on that wonderful day, two years ago.
You are a precious gift to our family.
Happy Gotcha Day, Gracie-girl!

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