Saturday, January 7, 2012

One super-fun thing about living in the Rocky Mountain Region is Beau Jo's Pizza. And thanks to Aunt Angela's generous Christmas gift (a gift card for Beau Jo's), we were able to thoroughly enjoy a special pizza night on the last day of our break.

aaahhh..the anticipation!

oh my!

It was as good as it looks!

Thank you, Angela, for a fun and delicious evening. We wish that you could have been here to enjoy it with us.

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No Greater Love said...

Yummy!!! Looks like you guys had fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I was pretty amazed by all of the colors on the sheet in front of Grace. She is a very good artist. Very creative. Oh, loved hearing Adam play last week too!

Brad and Renae said...

Wow - that looks good :)

Difference2This1 said...

You are seriously killing me here with all the cool places you go that I miss!!! We didn't go there too many times all the years we lived there, but there's nothing like that here. I know we should appreciate where God has planted us...but I sure miss CO!!!! (sob, sob)

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