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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I find dreams so facinating. While we're asleep, God has the opportunity to speak to us apart from many of the distractions that we encounter during the daytime hours. Of course, not all dreams are from God, and dreams are certainly not equivalent in significance to Scripture.  But, God-dreams do have a certain quality that is unique and we can ask our Lord what these dreams mean in the light of Scripture.
A couple of weeks ago, one of my children had a significant dream. I knew that this dream was from the Lord, so I asked her to write it down:
I had a dream that we all lived in a place where you had to buy gas masks, because it was dangerous to breathe without a mask. These masks looked just like the ones in the World War 1. Kinda looked creepy, but it was okay. These masks were kind of like clothes. They could all come in different colors and styles and stuff, and you could refill the air in a machine almost everybody had. Most wealthy houses had many gas masks, but they were expensive for the “poor people.” In the dream, all the poor people lived in the dump. Truckloads would come with used gas masks. All of them would usually have about five minutes of air left in them, and the trucks would come about every 30 minutes. The trashed masks would be set on a metal shelves in the dump. The poor people couldn’t afford the masks, so they would usually use the air left in the trashed masks, but usually they wouldn’t have enough air in them to sustain them while they would try to find another. Many died this way. In my dream, I would go to the dump to visit the “poor people.” When I saw their condition, I brought them masks so they could breathe easily.
I asked my child what she thought the dream meant. "It's love," she replied. "The gas masks are love. We have so much of it (in our family and in our lives). It even comes in different colors! But there are many people who hardly have any love. Sometimes we visit these people (like orphans), and we give them what is left over. Sometimes we even bring them an abundance of love. But then we go home, and we forget that they don't have love. I don't want to forget anymore."
Neither do I, baby. Neither do I.

dreaming of a day when all will have an abundance of love...

dreaming with God...

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No Greater Love said...

I'm so glad you wrote the dream. I think it is so significant. I think what has struck me the most in the dream is that they "poor" people get the leftovers. They don't get full tanks of love...but they get the "rich" people's leftovers, and it isn't enough to survive on.

So much to ponder and pray about.

Kristen said...

WOW- what an amazing dream but even more that your daughter had the insight to the meaning behind it! God is amazing and love that He is moving in her heart!

Anonymous said...

That is quite a dream. Wow. Amazing insight too. And to remember a dream, you almost need to note that it has significance, directly upon waking, or you lose it. I try to right my "strong" dreams down too, those ones that have clearly come from a source outside myself, wiser, stronger, all knowing.

You have some amazing kids.


Difference2This1 said...

You always leave me with something to think about... :)

Blessings, Jennifer

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