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Monday, January 9, 2012

One of the greatest privileges that I have experienced in my role as a parent, is to teach my children (along with David) what it means to love and worship the Lord. Gracie loves to dance and sing and praise the Lord, but this past week, we decided that she is also ready to take steps to grow in her own personal time with the Lord. So, on Saturday Grace and I went out on a date so we could talk privately.

First, we stopped at the office supply store to pick out a special journal.

Of course, anyone who knows Grace realizes that we couldn't leave the store without one extra little item.

After we bought the journal (and the gum!), we spent a little time talking about some of things that Grace could do during her prayer times (sing praise songs, read a Bible story, draw and journal about the story, and sit quietly and listen). Then we went home and decorated Grace's journal. She was so excited and showed it to everyone in the family!

Sweet girl. Her enthusiasm is bubbling over and I know the Lord takes great pleasure in their special time together. He is speaking to her heart, and it is beautiful to see.

Dear Jesus, continue to spark in Grace an enthusiasm and love for You! May her heart be knit together with Yours during these special times of prayer. May she seek You all of the days of her life.

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Nichole said...

Oh, I just love her!!! How sweet is her drawing and writing?!?! I only hope that I can instill that same love for the Lord in my children!

Brad and Renae said...

Sooo. sweet :) ~Renae

Our family: said...

That is so sweet! You've encouraged me to do that with Maylie! She would love that. Your family is SO beautiful!
When do you expect to travel to India?

No Greater Love said...

Oh Grace, I love your heart!

Cheri said...

So sweet, so adorable. What a neat idea!

Cheri said...

So sweet, so adorable. What a neat idea!

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

I love this! We have incorporated drawings into many aspects of our lives -- creativity abounds in our home but it had not occurred to me to encourage it in their time with the Lord, as well as singing, and just being. Thank you for this insight. I know to do these things but just being with the Lord and singing praise as part of my quiet time came later -- rather than earlier in my own instruction about spending time with God. This really allows the children to "come unto Jesus" at an early age!!

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