guess what we're doing...???

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'll give you a little hint:

think lemons/lemonade

Thank you again for all of you prayers! I cannot even begin to express how much your kindness and love have encouraged me. Just know that I am so very grateful.
Our circumstances may not have changed, but our perspective certainly has.
And in all things, our God remains completely faithful...He is so worthy of our complete trust. I am confident that He is going to do a miracle to bring R. home to us!
 I'll update soon.

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Nichole said...

This really made me smile today! God is great and I love how he soothed your hearts and helped you make lemons into lemonade! Can't wait to see the finished product!!! Praying for R and for your finances to be ironed out so that you can bring your precious angel home!!

No Greater Love said...

Yay. Can't wait to see the finished product. :)

See you soon.


The Byrd's Nest said...

He will provide and it will be an amazing miracle and we will all shout it from the mountain tops!!!!!!

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