Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear ones, I am so very weary. Would you please pray for our family? The news we received from India was not bad, but it wasn't exactly what we had hoped for either. It seems that everyone is correct when they say that adoption from India is extremely difficult and a very loooooong process. I was looking at photos of our little girl when she was about 8 and feel so sad that we have already missed so many years of her life. I don't want to miss another day!!!

I know that the evil one is hard at work at the moment. David is a carpenter and usually his customers are very happy with his work. But, a client would like him to re-do all of the tile and cabinets that he just put in. David has offered to fix anything that she does not like, but she is insisting that he re-do it all. This would cost us over $10,000 (which is all of what we have for R.'s adoption). Please, please pray! I actually wrote David's client an email (I've never done anything like this before), asking her to reconsider. I even attached R.'s photo.

Lily came downstairs, as I was writing the email, and told me that I was brave, like the women who wrote letters and protested for women's suffrage. Grace brought me chocolate. Adam gave me a loooong hug and Jadon said that we could sell his bed and that he didn't need any birthday presents so that we'd have money for R. I have to say that made my day a little bit brighter. Oh, how I love my sweet children!

I do also have a health concern that I'm sure is probably nothing, but I'd so appreciate prayers regarding my state of mind. Satan will sure use everything to get us down, won't he? With everything that is happening at the moment, I'm even more convinced that R. truly needs to be here with us. Otherwise, the evil one would leave us alone!

Please know that despite the trials and weariness, I do not question our Father's goodness. He is so kind, generous, compassionate and faithful. I'm so grateful to be His daughter! How does anyone endure the trials of this world without Him?

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Brad and Renae said...

Oh Sarah.... please know my heart goes out to you this evening. I will pray for your family. Hang in there... He is certainly with you. ~Renae

Cheri said...

We have many trials to go through. I am so sorry things have been difficult for you and your family. You will be in my prayers.

No Greater Love said...

I love you, Sarah! And you know I'm praying a ton for you.

Recovering Noah said...

Oh gosh, Sarah. My heart is so heavy for you. The only hope I can give you is that R must be meant for your family, otherwise none of these trials would be happening. I know it doesn't help things and it doesn't make anything easier knowing that, but it must mean that R is going to thrive in your family and that she's destined for amazing things for your family and that knowledge must have Satan in an uproar. But we know that Got is BIGGER and the way all of this has unfolded.. well, it just has HIS fingerprints all over it. Aslan is on the move, my friend!

I also know that the wait and the not knowing can be unbearably hard - and I know that all these words we're speaking can't take away the pain of the wait and the pain of uncertainty. But we can pray for your peace of mind and pray that a calm washes over you. And I will definitely do that tonight and tomorrow night and each night until R is safe and sound in your arms.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Praying especially hard for you my friend. The devil will do anything to discourage us! But God always has the final word....He is faithful to those who are faithful to Him and you my friend are one of the most faithful people I know:) Praying for the client and that the Holy Spirit weighs this burden and makes your family heavy on her heart. Please know how much I love you:)

Waitingfaithfully said...

Sweet friend,

My internet has been down, but I saw Mer's post before it went down and have been praying for R. and for V. I'm so sorry you didn't get the news you were hoping for . . .

Father God, I lift Sarah and her family up to you this day. Comfort their hearts Lord, and renew their spirits. Father I pray that you would fill that ache in Sarah's heart--the part of her heart that is in India with R.--and will stay there until the day that she finally holds her daughter. God be near to Sarah, and bring peace to her racing mind. Give physical strength to her weary body Lord, and protect her health. Lord I ask that You would be her Healer. Father I pray for R. that you would protect her and keep her healthy Lord, that she would have enough to eat and drink, that she would know love. Be her Defender as she waits Lord, and keep her hidden under Your wing. Lord, I ask that David's client would have a change of heart--and that no money would be lost over this job. Father I ask not only for the client to reconsider, but that Sarah's letter would cause her to see things in a whole new light. Your light. Lord, I ask that you would protect David's spirit, that this one customer would not cause him to think any less of himself or his work--but that he would continue to walk humbly as a man of integrity, with his eyes on You. Father I thank you for the example that Sarah and David are to their children, and I thank you that in times like this --we see their family's best side and not their worst. The side that leans on You for all things. The side that says, "Our Lord will prevail! He will see us through!" Oh Lord, I ask that You would remove the mountains that stand between this family and their precious R.--bring her home soon Lord, that she may know the love and safety of a family. We thank You for all you have done and for all you are doing to get R. home. We praise you for being a great Provider. We praise You in our inadequacy--knowing that You are More Than Enough! In Jesus name, Amen.

Difference2This1 said...

Challenging things always seem to come right after another and I'm sorry all this is hitting you at once. Prayers things work through very soon in a positive way. And prayers for endurance in your In*dia journey.

Shonni said...

I will be praying for you. I am so sorry.

Jean said...

Saying prayers for you, for R and for David.

God is so good and he will see this adoption through- he will bring her home!

So sorry about the client- ugh...

Kristen said...

Sarah I am praying, praying, praying for your family- your WHOLE family and I'm confident that the LORD will bring sweet R home to you!
I also get sad when I think about all the time I'm missing out on Miss M.'s life...then I read in Joel 2:25 how God promises to give us back what we lost... I am clinging to that verse and looking forward to the day when I get to FINALLY hold her in my arms and the day I get to hear that you have her in your arms...FOREVER!!
also, I just want to encourage you the I too have felt very desperate about the money situation but then, God reminds me of how He has provided every single penny, every step of the way...without any debt. He will provide for sweet R! He loves her more than we could ever imagine!


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