waiting for my little sister

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hey! This is Lily. I just wanted to write about how excited I am for our new little sister! She's is such a cute girl. It's really hard to wait so long for her to be in our family! Also, I'm excited about getting her because then I'll be able to go back to Ind*a. I've been making friendship bracelets in the color of the Ind*an flag, as well.

If you didn't know before, I love doing peoples hair, so I hope that R will like me doing her hair. I also hope that she likes dressing up as much as Grace! We've been praying that Ind*a will say yes soon, and we hope she knows how much God loves her! Hopefully we'll be able to post some good news soon!

In His Grace,



No Greater Love said...

Lily, "R" is going to be SOOOOO blessed to have you as a sister! You are so much fun to be with, and you are so caring, and you are an incredible example of Jesus' love.

Aunt Mer
P.S. We can't wait until she comes too!

Naomi said...

Lily, you are going to be an amazing big sister! I am sure that she will let you fix her hair and make her hair look pretty. We cannot wait to see pictures of her. We will be praying that God will open up the way for you soon and that you will hear good news. It is so hard to wait and much harder than waiting for Christmas right?

May Jesus keep pouring His gifts into your heart so that you will always be a blessing to other's,

Love Naomi

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