Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dear Blog Friends of Sarah,

David and I hi-jacked Sarah’s blog, because today is her birthday!!!!  J 

So, since she is at school all day today, and won’t see this blog until late afternoon, it would be so wonderful if you could all leave her birthday wishes in the comments, so she has a “virtual” birthday card to open when she sits down at the computer.  I know that Sarah means so much to all of you….and it will be so enjoyable to be able to bless her all together.

From David:

Here is my wife: thought and action in love.  Either she is thinking about some act of love or she is performing an act of love.  I have enrolled in her school of love.  I watch what she does, I listen to how she thinks about situations, and I learn what it means to love.  I think she is the most loving person I know.  When we were dating I asked her, “What she wanted to be when she grew up.”  She said she wanted to be a “virtuous person.”  She has achieved a large degree of this.  So much so that I can say that when I grow up I want to be like her.  She is a bright shining light in my horizon.  I am such a blessed man.  I was blessed beyond any knowing when I got married.  And now I am blessed in my knowing for I am so grateful for the jewel that I have been given.  Happy Birthday!  I love you.

From M:


You know you mean the world to me.  I think we’ve known each other for 20 years now…and how I so look forward to the next 20 with you!  You are truly the most compassionate, kind, merciful and loving person I know. 

I have never met anyone who comes even close to you in the way you parent.  You have been my ideal for 13 years now in the parenting realm….  I would nominate you for Mother of the Year every single year…  You do not just mother your own children with such love and tenderness, you do it with ALL children.  So many people have learned so much from you…in your daily example…and in the way you go OUT of your way to teach others what just comes so naturally for you.

Yoda of parenting, you are.  J

Your love for the Lord is always spurring me on to love Him more.  You have been a zealous lover of God from the first day I met you until now.  So much has changed since your days at Talbot until now…(like the fact that you eat meat now)…but your love for the Lord…that is constant….constantly increasing!

I love you, Sarah.  I love our history together, and I love that our future will always be intertwined with one another.   (especially if some of our children marry…..please, Lord!!!!)  I love the way you love me….and make me more of who the Lord intended me to be.  You will forever be one of the greatest gifts I have ever received from His hand. 

You don’t believe me that I have been thinking about your birthday NON-STOP for at least TWO MONTHS NOW….but trust me, I have…because, Sarah…I love you more than you can ever realize….

Happy Birthday, dear friend.  I CANNOT wait to celebrate you!



Jennifer O'Cain said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a special day!

Naomi said...

Wishing you a wonderful Birthday filled with all your precious loved ones, both family and friends!

You are so loved Sarah!! What an example you are to everyone, even those who do not know you personally!

Hugs coming you way today!!!


Recovering Noah said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! I know this is going to be a fabulous year for you... full of new joys and blessings. Definitely a year to remember!

Hope you have a wonderful day today and are surrounded by those who love you.

Sending you lots of birthday wishes!


Chad and Kristy said...

You are a remarkable women and truly blessed! Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, My prayer is that your day is beyond special and that you feel loved and appreciated for who you are. Celebrate you because you are so special.

Love, John and Darla Sotelo

Waitingfaithfully said...

Okay, first let me wipe the tears away after reading David and Mer's loving words . . .


I have no idea how we "met" or exactly when we met, but I'll be forever grateful that we met. Your life impacts mine everytime you sit down to write. You share your life, your share your walk with our Lord, you share your ups and your downs-- transparently, and it changes me. I know, I know, you would say it's not you, it is the Lord--but He uses you Sarah. And because you remain close to Him, and because you listen to Him--you hear His heart . . . and then you share His heart. In doing so friend, you bless many, many hearts. Your words encourage me to walk more closely with Him. They encourage my marriage, they make me a more patient mama, and they motivate me to defend the orphan! Your walk blesses my walk, and I am grateful!

May your day be blessed beyond measure! I am so thankful that He made you for such a time as this!

You are a treasured gift, my friend!

Love from Texas~


motherimperfect said...

Hey Sarah,

Happy, happy birthday! I feel privileged to know you for what now (let's do the math--we met in 1st grade--so that is age 6, minus 41, so that's 34--wait, no, 35 years! yikes!). You lifted me through my early years. I wouldn't have survived the EGF public school system or my family's strangeness without you to rely on. I am glad that I still get to see you every now and then. I echo the sentiments of others. What an amazing mother you are. What an amazing person you are!

Shonni said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Difference2This1 said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! I love having you as a bloggy friend. I hope the day comes when we can meet in person!!!

Have a great birthday!!! Blessings, Jennifer

Julie Coleman, Freelance Editor said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Sarah! What a heart of love and joy you bring to this world. May the year ahead be filled with a bounty of blessings for you and your beautiful family!

Joy in the Journey! said...

Happy Birthday! Praying that "R" will help celebrate it with you next year!

Gwen said...

Happy birthday, Sarah! I'm so glad we had the opportunity to meet you and your sweet family! :)

Jenn said...

Happy, Happy birthday!!! You are a sweet blessing to me!!

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