the longing of our hearts

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This morning I awoke with an intense longing...a longing to have our precious girl here with us, to hold her in my arms, to look into her eyes and to kiss her little cheeks. For those of you who have waited for a child, I know that you understand that there are days when the longing is so intense that it is difficult to think of anything else.

This longing, I believe, is given through the great Father-heart of God. Our Father pours out His love on us and we cannot help but want to give this love away to a beautiful child made in His image. We love because He loves.  And on those days when I can think of nothing but our little one who is so far away, I believe that He knows my heart and understands. He is so kind and gentle.

There was a moment today, however, when our kind Father also gave me a gentle correction about my longing. He spoke to me in His quiet voice and reminded me that the true longing of my heart can only be filled by Him...the All-Sufficient One...the All-Loving One.

When R. comes home to us we will be absolutely delighted. Our hearts will be completely overjoyed. But, we will still need Him desperately...we will still need the only One who can meet our every need.

So I asked my good Father for a gift today. I asked that each time I feel this intense longing for our little girl, that He would remind me that the true desire of my heart is always near...He is always available to me...the God of Heaven is always available to me.

And He fulfills every single longing of my heart.

And He fulfills every single longing of your heart, dear one.
 every single longing of your heart

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No Greater Love said...

Ah! That is beautiful, Sarah. And so what I need. All day today I keep thinking this very thing. I've almost called you about 5 times today, saying let's go do something, so I can distract myself...but then the Lord keeps saying, "I am sufficient for you."

But still, I wouldn't mind if you came over....I'd even paint your toenails for you. :)

Naomi said...

Oh what a glorious truth!! What perfect words to describe His sufficiency!! I know that I am going to take this to heart and meditate on this today and tomorrow and the next day! :) He does know the longing of our heart!!!

Nikki said...

Thank you for that...your words are so beautiful and I NEEDED that today more than ever! I also woke up today with the same intense longing and I need to remind myself that He is there. Only with His love and guidance can we make it through this wait. I know we need to trust in the Lord...and sometimes I need a reminder of that so thank you!!!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Beautifully said, Sarah. Thank you for always sharing your heart so honestly . . . and for giving us much to ponder.

May He bless your waiting heart.



Shonni said...

So perfect Sarah. Amen!!! And perfect for me today as I have been so ready to receive our LOA!!!!!!

Jennifer O'Cain said...

Just what I needed to be reminded of, I am at the point where my longing is driving my every move. How many times can you check to see if your ringer is on in one day? Thank you for the reminder that HE IS sufficient!

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