lessons in insomnia...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For the past two weeks I've been fighting a nasty virus and have also had some serious insomnia.
My schedule has been pretty routine...
go to sleep around 10 or 11...
wake up at 2...
stay up until at least 5
go to sleep until about 6....
Yep...this is how I've looked.

But, it really wasn't all that bad becuase I've got an incredible hubby who was doing everything that he could to make things easier for me,


wonderful hubby got sick on Sunday.

mmmmhmmm...wonderful hubby got sick.

On Monday things weren't pretty.

Sure, I did fine at school.

But when I got home, I had a bad attitude.

So when I woke up that night at 2am, I was whining and complaining to God (I would have whined and complained to my hubby, as well, but he was sleeping).

After a few minutes of whining, however, even I got tired of hearing it!
So I asked the Lord to help me.

And you know what?!
He did!!
He did help!

He helpd by telling me that I was being pretty self-centered and that there were people in the world who have endured a lot more and were still able to love and serve.

Of course, being the kind and generous and all-loving God that He is, He said it in a lot nicer way than that.

I got the point, though, and I realized that despite lack of sleep, I could still choose to love, I could still choose to serve, I could still have a good attitude.

So, I hauled myself out of bed, and went up to sweet Yana's room to pray for her and bless her. Then, I got back in bed and thanked Him for the abundant, abundant, abundant blessings that He has poured out upon me.

I still didn't fall asleep.
But, I didn't really care.
He was with me, and loves me, and helps me to love, as well.
And that's all that really matters.

Thank you, Jesus, for giving me lessons every single day (I need them so badly). Thank you, Jesus, for giving me lessons in insomnia.

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No Greater Love said...

He is so good! And you were so receptive to hear Him speaking...therefore your life gives such an incredible testimony of His goodness, in every circumstance

So thankful for you!!!!!!!

Waitingfaithfully said...

He is faithful . . . even when we are tired . . . and cranky . . .and . . . I could go on and on (about myself) . . . but the bottom line is, He is Faithful! Always.

Thank you Sarah, for your honesty, and thank you for using your "hurdles" as teaching tools--so that through your experiences we may grow closer to Him!

Love you friend, I hope you are feeling better and getting some good rest, soon!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I am praying that you are feeling much better and hubby too:) He always does seem to show us that it could always be worse.

So thankful for your heart:)

Difference2This1 said...

Hope you have a good nights sleep there soon!!! It's so hard to be short on sleep for long periods of time and be a Mama!

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