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Monday, August 2, 2010

Jadon's surgery (bone graft) has been scheduled for Wednesday.
My little guy is pretty frightened.
So, Adam has joyfully forgone his bed and has been sleeping on the floor with Jadon (who usually sleeps in a hammock).
Adam loves to love on his little brother.
Adam has such an incredible compassion and kindness towards others.
Adam hurts when others are hurting.
He doesn't want his little brother to be afraid.
So he shows his love by sleeping on the floor, right next to Jadon.
And Jadon is so very grateful.

Oh, how I love these boys.

And, if you think of it, could you pray for Jadon?
Pray that his heart would be at peace and that the surgery would go well.
His surgery is at 12:30 (mountain time) on Wednesday.
Thanks so much, dear friends.

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Waitingfaithfully said...

What a sweet picture, and what compassion your Adam has for his brother--I love the way he lives it out!

I will be praying for Jadon, and for all of you as Wednesday draws near, and of course I will be praying on Wednesday for Jadon's surgery.



Shonni said...

What a precious picture...I love it. Praying things go well for him!

Difference2This1 said...

Such sweet boys. Will be praying Wed goes well and Jadon (and Mama and Daddy!) feel peace during the scary times.

James, Dawn and Family said...

We will pray!

Gwen said...

We will pray for Jadon! Such a sweet picture of your boys!

Jana said...

Prayers for Jadon!! I hope everything goes well for this beautiful boy!

Jill and Rick said...

Sarah, I've been praying for Jadon and for you. What a beautiful act of kindness from Adam. Keeping you in my prayers today,

Jill G

Difference2This1 said...

Praying today. The girls have a "bloggy" card posted today for him for when he feels better! God bless, Jennifer

Mom 2 six said...

Hope things went well- Prayers said.

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