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Friday, August 6, 2010

Lily just loves to read blogs.  For the past couple of weeks she's been begging me to look at "that wedding blog."  So, yesterday, I let her check out Kim's blog (which is just too much fun!).  I got such a kick out of Lily and Grace, looking at this blog.  Lily enjoyed the pictures and Grace loved the music!  You have to see for yourself.

Make sure you check out Kim's blog for yourself.  She and her hubby are bringing home China treasures number 3 and 4 (in addition to 3 homegrown, grown-up children).  Kim is selling her beloved camera in order to help fund this adoption.  And you can tell by the photos on her blog that it takes great shots!

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Kim said... precious!!! You are the sweetest! Grace was so cute bopping around to the beat. I cannot get over how long her hair is.

I feel so bad that I have gotten so far behind on visiting my favorite blogs. One day I will be able to get back reading. Yours is one that inspires me....YOU inspire me! You are such an amazing wife and mama! Whether you know it or not, the Lord truly uses you through your blog.

Thanks again sweet friend,

Difference2This1 said...

Too cute!!! Is that really Grace?? She looks so tall in that video and I thought it was Lily at first..until I saw the dark hair sitting at the computer!! :)

Waitingfaithfully said...

That is soooo sweet! I'm with Grace and Lily--I have looked at that "wedding blog" over and over again--and have been known to dance to Kim's playlist! :)

Love from Texas~


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