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Sunday, November 27, 2011

David and I have been blessed over the past few years, to spend the weekend after Thanksgiving in the mountains. Our anniversary is on December 9th, so we celebrate a little early. We go to David's parent's house for Thanksgiving, and then leave the kids with them for the rest of the weekend (thank you so much for taking care of our precious little ones, Oma and Opa).

This time together truly is a blessing. Every one of the years that we've been able to get away, we have discovered some significant things in the Lord, have made some major decisions and have been refreshed and encouraged in significant ways. A few years back, we read George Muller's book on money and found our thinking completely transformed in this area, four years ago we decided to adopt Grace during our weekend retreat, and this year we spent time praying and thinking about how to raise up godly young men and women who embrace their God-given femininity and masculinity. This is such a beautiful subject that I hope to be able to share more about later.

Of course, in addition to all the time to read, relax, pray and be together, David and I also like to take advantage of the fact that we are in the mountains! We love the breathtaking beauty of God's creation.

David, it has been a privilege and honor to spend these past 16 years with you. You are a man of honor,  kindness, love, service and integrity. I love you so very much! 

A little silliness is always in order.

There's an amazing Nepali restaurant that we love to eat at. Oh my! It makes me long for India.

Thank you, Father, for times of refreshing and strengthening. What a blessing they are!

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Gwen said...

What a nice getaway you had! We all need time to relax and recharge! :)

Nikolyn said...

looks positively lovely. what a wonderful post, Sarah! glad you could "fill your cup" together.

manyheartsonefamily said...

What a wonderful time for you all to look forward to annually!!!

I love that there is a Nepali restaurant you got to enjoy as well :).

No Greater Love said...

I looooove that picture of you! Absolutely love it. I want a copy.

Naomi said...

What a lovely retreat and time away at just the right time for you both. The Lord knows exactly what you need and when.

You are so beautiful Sarah......

Cheri said...

How wonderful! I love the scenery and I sure need time alone with my husband. I say it often, but we never have the opportunity.

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

So glad for you to be able to get-away.

Difference2This1 said...

Oh...I was so jealous last year when you shared getting to do this. Still am! :) Glad you go to do this once again though!! Blessings, Jennifer

Waitingfaithfully said...

What a precious time! Happy early Anniversary! Love the pictures, you guys look so happy--and of course the scenery is beautiful!



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