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Friday, November 11, 2011

If you missed my last post, click here before reading this post.
Hi. I'm Yana. I used to live in an orphanage in Ukraine, and I know what it feels like to not have a family. We're making these bracelets so that Lucy can get a family soon. Making bracelets is only a small step for Lucy's adoption. We just need to pray for her because God wants someone to be her family. I really hope that you can be part of her fundraising. We would also appreciate prayers too. It would be a great blessing for her.
(Yana is the pig-tailed cutie in the middle right of this photo. This was her class in Ukraine.)

I'm re-posting the bracelets that are still available.
Thank you so much for your encouragement and support for Lucy and also for my classroom of girls!

bracelet #2 (lovingly created by Tatianna)
clear and blue (the clear beads look pink, due to the red background)

 bracelet #3 (lovingly created by Lily)
an asian theme

bracelet #4 (lovingly created by Bethany)
red and blue

bracelet #6 (lovingly created by Mary)
clear with pink ribbons

bracelet #8 (lovingly created by Lily)
asian inspired 2

bracelet #9 (lovingly created by Teresa)
turquoise and clear
this picture doesn't do this bracelet justice...the beads are really gorgeous
this bracelet is sized a little bit larger than the average adult size

bracelet #12 (lovingly created by Sarah)
turquoise and clear 2


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