Let's make this a Lucy day!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yesterday, in the midst of celebrating our sweet Grace, I couldn't help but think of Lucy.

Would anyone hold Lucy on this day?
Would anyone whisper that they love her?
Would anyone thank God that they were blessed to know this special girl?

Lucy is almost three years old, which is the same age as Grace was when we first saw her sweet photograph.

Could Lucy's family also find her this year?

Lucy lives in a children's home in Ukraine. It is a good place, but it is not the same as a home of her own, with a family who loves her. Plus, if her family does not find her sometime in the next couple of years, sweet Lucy will probably be moved to an institution. Children with Down's Syndrome rarely survive the institution.

Please consider giving towards Lucy's grant fund (on my sidebar).
And please pray that this precious girl's family finds her soon.
Let's make this a Lucy day!

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No Greater Love said...

Oh...she is sooo precious, Sarah. And I love Yana's heart for her too. We talked about Lucy at school today. :)

Mrs. L. said...

I would love to hug her as well as all the other needed children in this world. What a sweet name as well.

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