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Friday, November 18, 2011

To understand why God puts such an emphasis on protection and care for the widow and the orphan we need to understand that his original plan was for his creation to be in loving, healthy relationships. When he says it is not good for Adam to be alone, he is showing his heart for family, friendship, and partnership. When he sees a widow or an orphan he is still saying it is not good for you to be alone, I will send someone to love and care for you.
The Strength of the King, p. 53

This little girl was made for relationship.

Her heart is absolutely bursting with love.

On Wednesday, I was having a difficult day.
I was sitting on the floor, praying quietly, while the rest of the family was having a time of praise.
My sweet, sensitive Grace noticed my pain and brought me a blanket to lay across my lap.
Then she brought me a pillow to lean on.
After that, she handed me a box of kleenex and a little trash can.
Precious Grace stood with her hand on my shoulder for the next 15 minutes, whispering prayers, and then she asked her daddy if the whole family could pray for me.

Grace was able to minister to my heart because she is all about relationships...she knows how to love. To think of Grace alone in an orphange is enough to absolutely tear my heart in two. She was never meant to be alone.

Thank you, Father, for allowing this precious girl to be our daughter. Thank you for allowing us to love and care for Grace.

And thank you for allowing Grace to show such love to me,
because this little one was made for relationship...
and so was I.

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James, Dawn and Family said...

I love the heart of our sweet lil ones. I love their prayers and how easily they come to their hearts and minds. We r blessed beyond measure!!

No Greater Love said...

Oh, this is so beautiful, Sarah. And so true. Every single person was made for truly is the way the Lord has made us, because it is the way He is. I think every few weeks you should repost this very post... :)

Gwen said...

Grace is such a sweet blessing. Beautiful post

Cheri said...

What a beautiful, sweet, and sensitive daughter you have. You are so blessed and fortunate.

Shonni said...

tears reading this!!!! This is such a precious post and an awesome reminders of Gods love for the unprotected.

Lisa said...

Sarah - it was great to see you at the dance performance last night! I read your blog regularly - but am terrible about commenting! Something about reading on the go with a new baby - or at least that's my latest excuse! ;) Grace is a precious little girl and I loved your post today. Blessings to you and your sweet family!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh this made me cry...what a precious precious child:) God bless her sweet heart and the love she has
for her Momma.

Praying sweet friend:)

Difference2This1 said...

Aaaww...she continues to be such a sweet girl. You are so blessed!

holly bowser said...

It touches my heart to see our children meet US in our time of distress and need by having faith that God can take away our fears and worries via prayer!
You are a blessing to those around you in raising your children to have compassionate, loving hearts who seek God for all things!

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