love from Lily to Lucy

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hi! This is Lily. As you probably know, I'm adopted from China. I'm in my mom's class, and we made bracelets for Lucy, because we really want Lucy to have a loving family, so maybe you could consider buying one of these bracelets, or donating money for her on our sidebar. I know what it's like to have loving people and family around me, and I think my family is really good. If you lived in an orphanage and had a loving nanny, it still wouldn't be like family, because that nanny won't always be with you, but family is forever. Also, Jesus said that every child is important and he cares about Lucy a ton. Lucy is a beautiful little girl and we love her lots.

We'd love to send you a bracelet! If you'd like one, just hop over to my sidebar and donate $10 or more towards Lucy's grant fund. Then, leave me a comment, letting me know which bracelet you'd like to have. Also, if I don't have your address, make sure you leave your email address in the comments.

Thanks so much for helping sweet Lucy to find her family.
bracelet #2 (lovingly created by Tatianna)
clear and blue

 bracelet #3 (lovingly created by Lily)
an asian theme
No longer available.
Thank you, Holly!

bracelet #4 (lovingly created by Bethany)
red and blue
No longer available.
Thank you, Heidi.
bracelet #6 (lovingly created by Mary)
clear with pink ribbons

bracelet #8 (lovingly created by Lily)
asian inspired 2

bracelet #9 (lovingly created by Teresa)
turquoise and clear
this bracelet is sized a little bit larger than average
No longer available.
Thank you, Tina.

bracelet #12 (lovingly created by Sarah)
turquoise and clear 2
No longer available.
Thank you, Tina!

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holly bowser said...

Just sent my "love" to Lucy! Bless you sweet ones for advocating for Lucy! You are a blessing to many!

my email address is

Will give you my address once you contact me.

Oh! I liked bracelet number 3 or 8. I am planning to give it as a christmas present for the 15 year old girl we are hosting for christmas this year, she is from Latvia, and she too is an orphan growing up in an orphanage.


motherimperfect said...

Hi Sarah,

Very cool idea. Love the bracelets. I'd like either bracelet 2 or 3. (I see that Holly might like 3). I think you might need my new address and I might need your address again.

Much love,


Waitingfaithfully said...


If #11 and #12 are still available I will take them for my big girls--Taylor, and Sloane (my daughter-in-love-to-be)! Hopefully you haven't sent the other two bracelets out yet. I'm so excited to be buying bracelets--it's a fun switch from selling them, although that is a blessing too! :)

Again, I'm so proud of your girls!

Love and blessings~


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