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Saturday, October 31, 2009

a bear and some saints...
Yesterday, the girls and I had a girl's night out. We went and got a few things that Lily and Yana needed at the used children's clothing store (I got some great deals!!), and then went out to eat (we had some free meal coupons--since we are still doing our simple meals, this fit right in).

Then we went to The Buddy Factory to get Grace's birthday bear (compliments of Aunt Meredith--thanks Aunt Meredith!!). Grace was so excited. She picked out her bear and immediately decided on an outfit.

Grace got a little nervous when the bear was being filled with fluff.

She picked out a little star and made a wish (for gum every day!!).

And here's the finished bear!! Grace couldn't decide on a name...
But then, this morning, she decided that since she was being Queen Esther for our church's Saint's Day party, that her bear could also be Esther.

Here are all the saints: Yana is Rose of Lima, Jadon is Hudson Taylor, Adam is Paul, Lily is Gladys Aylward, and Grace (of course) is Queen Esther.
We had a great time at the party. Happy Saint's Day!

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Sarah Dawn said...


I LOVE the costumes. Gladys, simply a stroke of genius. I'm sure my youngest son would go as Betty Greene, his hero right now.

Hugs to you,
Sarah Dawn

Anonymous said...

The kids' costumes were soooo good, Sarah. And I love Grace's bear. I'm glad she does too.


Our China Starfish said...

What a fun girl's day out...we do outings like that also, compiling our gift cards to turn what might have been an expensive outing into one you can feel good about when you get home! So much better! The kids looks great in their costumes!!!

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