Friday, October 9, 2009

Our girl is finally growing!! We were getting out the winter clothes, and I noticed that all of Grace's pants were too short. So, I measured her and discovered that she has grown almost 3 inches and has gained almost 3 pounds! For months and months she stayed the same weight and height (26 pounds, 35 inches). But now, she is almost 38 inches tall and weighs 29 pounds. She's still a little peanut (for an almost 5-year-old), but I'm so glad that she is finally growing!
On a note of cuteness...I was washing all of the clothes that were too small for Grace, so that I could give them away. The boys were helping me hang up clothes and I said, "Not those things, because they're too small for Grace."
Adam: "Oh, this outfit that she wore in China is too small? That's so sad. I love this outfit on Grace."
Jadon: "You mean the green shirt is too small. Oh, I really like that one on her!"
Such sweet brothers...

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Waitingfaithfully said...

Great growing Grace!! We have the same "high water" problem here too! :) Great to see them grow, yet sad to know that they can no longer wear that first set of clothes that we waited so long to dress them in. It's like packing up the newborn clothes, to be replaced with the 3-6 months size. I'm with your boys.

Still, we thank you Lord for our growing girls!

Have a great weekend!



Jenn said...

Love the sweet big bro comments! Doesn't that just melt your mama heart? :)

Grace IS a peanut! Her and Karleigh Mei are just about the same size--but Karleigh Mei is almost 4. :)

We also have some "new" capris at our house. :)

Jean said...

Yes- I know what you mean. Anna is our peanut she is 3.5 yrs and just fitting into 3T. All of our birth children were big! I am loving having a peanut BUT we still need them to grow! So happy Grace is growing!! Congratulations Grace!! Love the high water pants!!
You go girl!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

I totally get the growing! LM has gained a lot of weight lately and we are loving it! She too has some new "capris" as Jenn put it!

I love the brothers' comments too.

I was thinking at first they were going to say something about saving them for another sister! ;)

Trish said...

Your family is amazing Sarah! I love the sweet things kids say too, they melt my heart. Trish

Mom Of Many said...

I wanted to stop by and thank you for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog.

Your Grace is growing beautifully and I am so happy for that! How kids thrive when they have a family!!

And your boys comments - so sweet!!

Love from Colorado!! xo

Jill and Rick said...

Grace is growing with love! & so sweet that her brothers are just as sentimental as we moms are.

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