(almost) wordless wednesday

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We have been so blessed to be able to maintain contact with Grace's friend, Quin, from China. They are able to talk on the phone regularly and are always inviting one another to each other's house to play (someday that will happen, but we live across the country from one another). Quin sent Grace the sweetest birthday gift--ar xiao gao (two little puppies). Grace named them Quin and Grace. Thank you so much, Quin and family!! As you can see, Grace loves them!

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Gwen said...

So sweet! It's great Quin and Grace are able to continue their friendship!

Shonni said...

That is very special!!!!

Jean said...

What a blessing to have that connection still going!! I love the doggies- Grace seems to love them, too!!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Look at your beautiful girl! So proud of those puppies, what a sweet blessing from Quin.

Sarah, I am so behind on my commenting. I have read every post (as you post them), and haven't even taken time to comment. Your writing is such a special blessing to me. Thank you friend!

Belated birthday wishes to your precious Grace. What a special time she had!

Thank you so very much for taking part in Bill and Lynsay's shower. It means so much to me!

Love you,


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