Shepherd's Field

Thursday, October 29, 2009

We had such an incredible time at Shepherds Field ( It was like a three day retreat for our family, before meeting Grace. The guest house was beautiful, and there were many little places where we could spend time in prayer (alone, and as a family). The presence of God was very evident there, and though we went to serve, we ended up doing more receiving than giving.
Upon arriving on the first night, we heard some barking. The girls were very concerned that Stevie (the dog) was too cold! As it turned out, David ended up building a doghouse for Stevie, since she was the official Shepherd's Field mascot. What a submissive puppy! The girls carried her around everywhere (except inside the children's houses).

These next four pictures are of four little ones who completely stole my heart. The nannies called the first little guy "ArDou" (a nickname, I think). What a special boy! He was all smiles (except, I guess, in this picture!).

Tiffany has a serious inoperable heart issue. She was so gentle and so bright. She liked to repeat everything that we said to her.

I know that Jacob-Jai is still at Shepherd's Field. What a smile! And sweet, sweet, sweet.

Kyle was another little sweetie. Such a gentle boy. I'm pretty sure that he is also still at Shepherd's Field (if any of you know anything more, I'd love to hear about any of these little ones).

We were so blessed by our time at Shepherd's Field. What a privilege to see more of the Father's heart for these precious children.
Coming up soon: Gotcha!

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Patientlywaiting said...

Sarah, I am enjoying reading about the days leading up to "gotcha" with Grace. The children in the pictures are just beautiful. I'm sure it was hard to leave them! Can't wait to read more!


Our China Starfish said...

thank you for sharing more about this special place your family visited

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