One year ago today...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

we were getting on a plane to travel across the world to meet our precious little girl. The night before, David and I had stayed up finishing the last packing details. We woke the kids up in the wee hours of the morning, and headed for David's parent's house. There was a lot of traffic and we were running late, but we had planned in extra time so we weren't too nervous. We left our van at David's parent's house and a friend of theirs drove us to the airport. First, we flew to Portland and then on to Japan. Whew! That was a long flight. We're not big movie watchers, but there were no T.V.'s on that flight and with four kids on board, I had been planning on a couple of hours (of the 13 hour flight) to be taken up with an on-board movie. Ah, well...we made it to Japan and had a half-an-hour to get through customs and board our flight to Beijing. We made it on time and were so very, very grateful! The airplane to Beijing was beautiful, and we arrived in the evening and went straight to bed. Here are pictures of my sweet girls, enjoying their backpacks, which were filled with in-flight activities.

Stay tuned...for more Journey to Grace adventures.

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Jill and Rick said...

Sarah, I can still feel the excitement and anticipation in your words, . . . Amazing memories, Amazing Grace.

Thanks for inviting us down your memory lane.


Anonymous said...

Fun! Don't you just wish you could do it all again, sometimes? I love re-living fun/exciting memories.....


Just A Family said...

Wow loving hearing your story.

robin at just a family

Kristin said...

What wonderful memories! It probably seems like yesterday in some ways....looking forward to hearing more of Grace's story.

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