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Monday, October 12, 2009

We've really been enjoying our month of simple meals (see:, if you're not sure what I'm talking about!) About 80% of the time, we've had beans and rice or baked potatoes and shredded cheese for dinner. We did have a simple borscht one night, because our neighbor generously donated some beets to our cause!
A couple of things of note:
1) Our neighbor and Lily's good buddy, Tatianna, ate dinner with us one night. She loved the beans and rice and was very interested in our month of simple meals. We explained that in Africa a child could eat 3 meals for the cost of a stamp. The next day, Tatianna found a penny on the ground while playing. She gave it to me saying, "Could you give this to the Africans?" So sweet.
2) When I asked Grace what she would like to eat for her birthday dinner, she replied "beans and rice." Hmmm...I was hoping for something a little more exciting, but beans and rice it will be!!
3) On Friday night, we had a family movie night. So, for dinner I made popcorn, cheese, apple slices and a 99 cent box of brownies. Here is that oh-so-healthy meal...
Jadon (a.k.a "Snack-boy"--really we sometimes call him this because he LOVES snacks so much) walked into the kitchen and asked what we were eating for dinner. I told him (thinking that he'd be thrilled with all of the snack food). He responded, "Mom, don't you think that we should have something a little more healthy." What?! Snack-boy objecting to a full-on snack dinner?!
So, anyway, I conceded and our dinner had a little addition...


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Sarah Dawn said...

Love the carrots ... and the snack boy suggesting a healthier meal") Simply too precious.

Blessings sweet friend,
Sarah Dawn

Kim said...

love love love, your keeping it simple month. we might have to do it ourselves, you are an AWESOME mama....i just love you to pieces!

thank you for praying for heart is so heavy.

love you!

Kim said...

I love the idea of keep it simple meals! I have been implementing this into our family meals. the movie night and the healthier meal.

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