A whole lot 'a lovin' goin' on!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last night I was looking through my pictures from the last 10 months, because (ahem...) I haven't actually ordered any prints since a couple of weeks after we got home from China. (By the way, I don't recommend waiting this long to order gets a little time-consuming!). But, it was fun too. I especially enjoyed seeing all of the hugs and kisses that have been given and received throughout the year. So, here a just a few of my favorite lovey pictures (in no particular order).

Mom and Adam...oh how I love this boy!

Dad and Adam..oh how I love these boys!

Yana and her Ukrainian friend, Slava.

Grace, Adam and baby Cora.

Sweet Daddy kisses.

Hugs and secrets.

A whole pile of lovin'.

Sister love.

GeGe and MeiMei love.

More sister love.

Grace and Jadon.

Locks of love kind of love.

I love my honey, love!

Grinning love.

Keeping MeiMei warm love.

A Jadon sandwich.

Rosie needs some love!

Sweet brother love.

Two buddies love.

Sideways love.

More sweet brother love.

Grace and Adam.

Adam and Lily.

Adam and Yana.

I hope that you enjoyed all kinds of loving at your house these past 10 months, as well!

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Sarah Dawn said...

The love oozes into my home from this sweet post.

Hugs to you too mommy,
Sarah Dawn

Gwen said...

Such sweet pictures! Love it!

Waitingfaithfully said...

I'm feelin' the love, what a sweet post Sarah!
Perfect captions too!

Love you friend,


sarah bess said...

I love it!

Jules said...

That is a whole lot of love! What wonderful photos of a loving, happy family. Thank you for sharing them!

Ohilda said...

I could feel the love! Your family is beautiful.

God bless!

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