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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am always on the lookout for good books for children--books that will spur them on in love for the Lord and for others. At the homeschool conference that I attended this past summer, I came across the Draw to Learn series of books. I bought two copies and we gave one to Yana and one to Lily as gifts for their adoption days. They love them, and the books have truly encouraged them in the study of God's word. Drawing, for both Yana and Lily, engages them emotionally and spiritually. I'd highly recommend these books for your children who enjoy drawing.

Here's Lily's book.

And this is Yana's book.

I'd also like to recommend the book, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. Adam read this book recently and it has really encouraged him in an attitude of love, kindness and service towards his brothers and sisters.
Happy reading (and drawing)!

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Our China Starfish said...

Thanks for refering the books...I'm definately going to look into the one ref. brothers/sisters...sounds like it would be a huge benefit to our family at any time, but especially right now!

Jean said...

Wow- the kids have done beautiful drawings!! I'm gonna check these books out!! Thank you for sharing this!!

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