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Thursday, September 17, 2009

When he was two years old, God gave me a prayer for my son. Every evening, before I went to bed, I would kneel beside Adam's bed and pray for him. One night, God very clearly told me to pray that "he (Adam) would know Him (God), in ways that I (Sarah) could not even think or imagine." One of the reasons that I was so sure that this prayer was from the Lord was because I wasn't even sure what it meant! But I faithfully prayed this prayer for Adam every single night. One night, when Adam was a little older, he happened to be awake and asked, "Why do you always pray that same prayer?"

"The Lord gave me that prayer for you, Adam. I don't know what it means, but I know that He is going to answer."

Now, eight years later, God has clearly begun to answer the prayer of my (and more importantly, His!) heart. When I started praying this prayer, I really couldn't imagine regularly hearing from God and even seeing visions on a regular basis. But, God has given these gifts to my son. Even more importantly, God has given Adam a deep love for God and for people. His heart is truly on fire! I am so grateful that this tenth year of Adam's life has been one of tremendous growth and maturity. It is the sort of growth in love that can only be accounted for by God's beautiful and kind intervention. I am looking forward to Adam's eleventh year, and seeing all of the things that God does in his heart.

Here's my little man, at about the time that God gave me this special prayer.

Happy Birthday, my sweet son! I love you more than words could express!!

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Patientlywaiting said...

Happy Birthday, Adam. I can tell through your mom's words that you a special little man who is going to do big things for God!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Adam.

Sarah, that was a beautiful post.
The Lord uses you through your blog to stregnthen my faith and walk with Him. Thank you for sharing!

Love you,

Jenn said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy Adam! Enjoy celebrating him!


Cari Bacon said...

Happy Birthday, Adam!!

Very sweet post, Sarah.
(By the way, my brother's name is David and his wife's name is Sarah...imagine that!). LOL

Our China Starfish said...

Happy Birthday Adam! What a blessing to have such a special son in your family!!!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Adam! He sounds like one terrific young man! May God bless you this next year and every year to come!
Kim(And the chili peppers)

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