Rosh Hashanah and 39 years for my sweet honey!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Awake, oh sleeper!!We've been having a great time celebrating the biblical feast days this year. Rosh Hashanah really should have been celebrated last week, but we altered the schedule a bit and celebrated last night (next year we'll try to get on the right schedule). I've really enjoyed reading about the history of the feasts and the spiritual significance behind them. Rosh Hashanah is the start of the spiritual new year. It is a time to put the past behind you and move into the future WIDE AWAKE and on fire for the things of God. In the picture above, the children are blowing their shofars, and in the one below everyone is dancing and worshiping.

Sarah, this picture is for you! Here's Meredith, relaxing a little after desert.

David and Tonja (hmmm...and is that Rosie on the chair next to them?!)
My picture of Edward and Mike was blurry. I'll catch them next time during the observance of Tashlich.

This morning we woke up and were looking forward to celebrating another special day. It's David's birthday and the kids were all excited to give him their special gifts. They made a "coupon book" and also wrote out notes of thankfulness and blessings and put them in balloons for him to pop and read.

I am so grateful for this wonderful man. He is an amazing husband and father. His heart is fixed on the Lord and leading his family into loving God and His people more. Happy Birthday, David! You are a bright light to our days. I love you!!!

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Jennifer O'Cain said...

We just completed a study about the festivals in our SS class. It looks like you were all having fun, maybe we will try to actually celebrate them next time!

Sweet ideas for Davids B-day. I love the balloon idea, how cute!

Waitingfaithfully said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful celebration x's two!

Happy Birthday David!

Sarah, I love the photos of your five babies gathered around their daddy. So sweet.

Thanks for sharing about the books below too!



Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to David and thank you for the picture of Meredith!

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