It's me...Lily!

Friday, January 4, 2013

 It's me, Lily, in China!
I am having a great time here.
Today dad, Kai Kai, and I went with another family with a little
boy who is Kai Kai's age, and we went to an amusement park.
It was really fun. Kai Kai really liked the rides, and
wanted to try them all! We rode a little airplane ride, just to get him started.
Then, we went on a bee ride that went up and down.
Kai Kai and the other little boy went on a water one,
where you had to shoot little animals. (fake)
Dad and I tried a miniture roller coaster,
and although it looked slow and easy-going,
it was kinda scary!
When going on the turns, I felt like the thing
that we were in would crash to the ground!
We had a lot of fun there,
and we ended the time with chicken
wings and cotton candy,
called "Candy Floss":) Kai Kai really enjoyed it,
and I liked it as well!
I like to snuggle and cuddle with Kai Kai and have pillow fights with him.
It's fun to play stuffed animals with him
because he's not like other boys who don't like stuffed animals.
He likes to kiss and hug them.
I am having a fun time here, although I will not be sad to go home...
it has been a long trip!
I may write some other time!



Nikki said...

So glad you're enjoying your time in China!!! Your are such a great big sister!!! Thanks for the update sweetie!!!

Cristy said...

Hi Lily! It's been such a blessing seeing pictures of you and your brother. You are a wonderful big sister!

No Greater Love said...

How cool that you did a post, Lil. Looks like you're having a great time. We miss you like crazy at home, though.

Kristin said...

Thanks for posting, too, Lily!

Peter and Nancy said...

This was a great blog post, Lily! Thanks for sharing about your day, and about your new brother!

Mummy J said...

Oh Lilly, this was a great post. I enjoyed reading about your fun time with your new brother. I hope to see more posts from you too. Have fun the rest of your time in China!

Jean said...

How wonderful to hear from Lily!! So happy you are having fun! BUT no matter how fun it is there is no place like home!!
(I think I have heard that somewhere before!)

Blessings to you Lily! Thank you for sharing your day with us!!

Aus said...

Morning Lily - so glad you had fun at the amusement park - you and your dad have more courage than I do - I couldn't bring myself to get on some of those rides! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

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