My Sister

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hi! This is Lily, and I wanted to write about my sister, Yana. We celebrated Yana's adoption day yesterday. She has been in our family for six years. Yana loves animals, as you can probably see in the picture. She is holding our sweet dog Rosemary. (Notice that Maple is looking up longingly for a hug too!) She especially loves horses, and so last night we watched the movie "Secretariat". It is about a racehorse. She got a white chocolate bar from me, Adam, and Grace. Jadon gave her four chocolate bars. She also got a bible case from mom and dad. She is a very good sister, I like to play horses with her. She is very artistic as well! She is thirteen, and she was seven when she came into our family. I was so happy to have a big sister! She has taught me how to be a servant. I really look up to her, and I hope that when I am her age and Grace is my age, I will do the same things to her that Yana did to me!         


No Greater Love said...

Oh Lily, you did such a wonderful job writing this post. And you are right, your sister, Yana, is such a wonderful example for everyone of what it looks like to serve others in love! And you are a wonderful example of how to be an encourager!!! I love you both!!!

Aunt Mer

James, Dawn and Family said...

Sweet, wonderful post!!

Difference2This1 said...

Lily, So glad you have an amazing sister to love and look up to!!! It is so sweet of you to share that with her by posting it on your famly's blog!! Blessings, Jennifer

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