Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've got so much to say...
but not so very much time to say it.
(Adoption paperwok is seriously taking up all of my free moments--not that I'm complaining!!)

Good thing my friend, Meredith, emailed these photos so that I have something to post!

For more "splash" moments from our weekend, click here.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Gwen said...

Pool time is always a fun time! Glad you had a great weekend!

Our family: said...

Hi Sarah,
Congratulations! I just was catching up on your blog and read that you are adopting again! From India! So exciting!!!! We actually just started the paper chasing again too! China again! So happy for you and I totally am engulfed in the paper work too. Can't wait until it's done. But like you mentioned, we can't complain because it's part of our pregnancy to bring our girls home! And we should be embracing and loving every minute of it. (At least that's what I keep telling myself!)

No Greater Love said...

We love spending time with you!

Our family: said...

Hi Sarah, I just spoke to Sarah S. today and didn't realize that her Esther and your Jadon are from the same SWI! And that you almost traveled together for Lily and Hudson. It is neat to see how the Lord brings people together. Her dad is the one who started Calvary Chapel Missions India (based in Boise.)

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