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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The first time that I saw our little girl was about three years ago.  We were in the process of adopting Grace, and I had a very significant dream.

In the dream, I was sitting with our pastor at a table.  While we were talking, he got up abruptly, and walked away.  As he was walking, he turned into a woman.  The woman walked over to a littl girl, who was obviously experiencing a deep amount of pain.  The child had dark, curly hair and was writhing around on the floor, almost like a seizure, but I knew that her pain was more emotional than physical.

The woman looked at the little girl and then at me.  I knew that the woman wanted me to pick the child up, so I did.  I felt a deep amount of compassion for the little girl and she was comforted.  Then the woman took the girl from me.  The child curled up in the woman's arms and was completely at peace.

Upon waking, I knew that the dream was from the Lord and that it held a lot of significance.  I understood that the little girl in the dream was not Grace, because she was older than Grace and had curly hair.  I also knew that the woman in the dream represented the Church.  But that was all I understood of the dream at the time.  I wrote the dream down in my journal,  but after a time, I forgot about it.  It wasn't until many, many months later that all of the parts of the dream became clear to me:

I was at home praying on a day when the children were not home. The night before, at our church, we had spoken about how every member of the body should be involved in ministry.  Something about our discussion triggered the memory of the dream that I had had so long ago.  I looked it up in my journal and was struck by a number of details in the dream.  David came home while I was praying, so I began sharing some of the dream with him.  Suddenly, I looked up and saw a picture of a beautiful little girl with dark, curly hair.  It was a litte girl that we had been praying for and her picture was on our refrigerator.  I realized, in that moment, that this was the girl from my dream.  It was as if a veil had been lifted and I could see something that I hadn't seen before.  This was the little girl from my dream!

We kept this dream private as we sought the Lord for His direction...very soon it would become quite clear that not only was this precious girl the child who was in my dream, but that God wanted this child to become our daughter.

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Jean said...

I have goosebumps! I love it when God does that!! Thank you for shaing this dream with us!

I also had a dream about Luke and I look forward to sharing it on my blog- just gotta get done with the current series I'm workin on now!!

HE is so amazing!

Praise HIM!!

Jill and Rick said...

Oh Sarah, this just brought tears to my eyes. Let me just say that I can truly relate, so this touched me on a very personal level. Thank you for sharing.


Recovering Noah said...

Sarah, I am beyond excited for you, your family, and your soon-to-be daughter! I think I stalk your blog waiting for updates. =) Your little one holds a special place in so many hearts.


James, Dawn and Family said...

SWEEET_can't wait to see pictures!!

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