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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I LOVE orphans. I love them because God loves. I love them because His heart is for them and because they are made in the image and likeness of God and are therefore of inestimable value.

I LOVE adopting orphans. I love giving these precious children a home where they can know the love and security of the Father. I love seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter. I love teaching them things. I love learning from them.

I used to get frustrated when other Christians did not see the needs of the world in the same way that I did. I thought that they had cold hearts. Sometimes people are cold, but I realize now that it is not always coldness that causes people to see things differently. Many times, people see things differently, because the Father is revealing Himself to them in a different way.

I know that I have been given a gift from my wonderful Father. He has shown His mercy to me in a radical way. I see His heart of love for the downtrodden and especially for the orphan, and I can't live in any other way. In showing mercy, I am given the most merciful gift of all--a deeper glimpse into the heart of the Father. I want to use this gift in a way that will glorify God and that will serve the body of Christ. I want to use this gift in a way that will show the heart of the Father more, and will cause others to glorify Him more.

Every Christian is given a beautiful gift or gifts. These gifts are glimpses into the heart of God. They reveal things that are precious to our Lord and are intended to build up the body in love. I am so very grateful that God did not only give the gift of mercy. Where would the Church be, if this were the case? He gives different gifts to accentuate different aspects of who He is. Isn't that incredible?! He gives us different gifts, and because of that, any individual person (no matter how godly he/she is) cannot reflect all of who God is. We need each other. Together, we reflect the body of Christ.

Thank you, Father, that you give yourself to your people! May I always strive to love You and to reflect You in the way that you have gifted me. May I always support and appreciate others whom you have gifted differently. You are coming back for Your Bride someday soon! May we all together, be a reflection of Your heart of love!!

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