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Monday, December 2, 2013

Dear ones, we are so very blessed.
We are not alone in our fight to bring hope to Sergei. 
We have a host of precious and amazing people who are fighting this battle with us, and it is so beautiful to see.
Colleen, from P143, has been amazing! She loved Sergei from the moment that she met him, and she will not give up on him. It is because of her tenacity and love that we are on this path to adopt Sergei. We are so grateful to you, Colleen!

We are not alone.
 Two weeks ago, on a Sunday, our precious friend and pastor, Brett, skipped his sermon so that the whole congregation could intercede and pray for Sergei. We were over-the-top blessed and I know that the prayers of these beautiful people are making a difference, even now, in Sergei's life.
Thank you, dear praying friends.

We know that we are not alone.
This past Friday, I happened to be looking at my email when our t-shirt fundraiser hit the "50 shirts sold" mark. At that point, I started receiving individual emails that represented each person who had purchased a t-shirt.
Y'all, it was overwhelming.
41 people purchased a shirt for Sergei.
Some of those 41 people are good friends.
Some are acquaintances.
And some of those people are precious souls whom I have never met.
41 people
who chose to pour love out on a boy who lives a world away. 
We are not alone.

We could never express the depth of our gratitude to each one of you who has prayed, bought a tee, or regularly checked in with us regarding Sergei. We are blessed to know that you are with us, that you care for this amazing young man and also for our family. Thank you for making it clear that you are for us, that you are for Sergei and that we are absolutely

not alone.

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