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Monday, December 2, 2013

We had a good trip to Colorado over Thanksgiving. Three of our kiddos saw our amazing orthodontist, we had our one-year visit with our social worker for Kaikai and David tiled the Crosland's bathroom floor. In the midst of all of the necessities of our trip, we were able to visit some special people.
Our first stop was at Oma and Opa's house.
Games, games and more games was the theme of our time there. From Monopoly to ping pong, we had us some fun!

Next, we headed to Fort Collins and the Crosland's house.

We were blessed to celebrate Elijah's birthday a few days early.
I think that these guys like each other a little bit!

Elijah, I'd have to say that you're the cutest ten-year-old I know!

Kaikai fell in love with Ruthie over the course of the time that we were in Fort Collins. 

These two had a nice nap together.

I think that it might be a toss-up for adorableness, between Elijah in his mustache and Kaikai and Ruthie's feet. Oh my! I can hardly stand the cuteness!

You might be wondering where the girls were during our trip to Colorado. When I saw the photos, I was wondering that myself. But, I assure you, they came along on this trip. I guess that this time the photos were just all about the boys. :)

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No Greater Love said...

Ha ha. Kai Kai is just SOOOOOO cute. :) We had such a wonderful time with you here. We miss you TONS.

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