SLIDER year later (the first day, in pictures)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sweet boy has been with us for a year today.
Can you believe how brave Kaikai was, walking into the hotel, on his way to his new family?!

Oh my gracious! My heart melted the moment that I saw his incredible smile.
We were amazed that he willingly gave David a hug.

Kaikai recently told us that he was afraid of Baba's beard and blue eyes.
You wouldn't have known it then.
Can I say it again?
He was so incredibly brave.

After our meeting, we made our way to the passport office to get Kaikai's picture taken

And then had dinner at the closest noodle restaurant. Kaikai loved it and so did we!

Kaikai needed new shoes, because the shoes that he was wearing were far too big for him. This is how Grace, Kaikai and Lily walked through the whole sweet!

After shopping, we went back to the hotel.

Kaikai wanted to me to make a bed for him on the floor. He fell asleep right away after this big day, and as we gazed at our sleeping son we knew that we had been tremendously blessed to be able to adopt Kaikai.

And today, one year later, we pretty much think that we are the most fortunate parents on the planet. This sweet boy has rocked our world with his amazing smile, his gentle personality and his love for others. Happy adoption day, Kaikai! We love you to the moon...and back.

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Gwen said...

Love these pictures!!! Can't believe it's been a whole year!

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