What has God done for you?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

We try to be very intentional about our dinnertime conversations. David, especially, loves to challenge our children to think about and respond to sermons that we've listened to, things that we're discussing at school and books that we've read. The kids have been learning to ask deep questions during our mealtimes, as well. Getting into the swing of things a few nights ago, Grace asked the question, "What has God done for you?"

I loved some of their answers (which were very elaborate and detailed, but I'll just give you the main points).

He died for me.

He gave me a rock-n-rollin' family.

He gave me a dad whose like an angel.

He let you adopt me.

He loved me so much.

It was amazing to me that the two things that our children said that they valued the most were the love of Jesus, who died for us, and becoming beloved sons and daughters, through adoption.

Even though our children often tell us that they love us (and some of them even tell us that we are the best parents in the whole world...hehehe...just wait until they discover the truth!), I was surprised at how strongly each one expressed his/her joy in being adopted. I certainly wouldn't have expected this, anymore than I would have expected a birth child to express such gratitude for being born. But, I also know that when a person has experienced the sort of loss that our precious children have experienced, that person can either get angry, or he/she can choose to love, forgive and be grateful for what he/she does have. I'm so glad that each one of our children is learning to be the latter sort of person.


It's a beautiful thing.


Colista said...

Sweet post, and very encouraging. Love to you all!

Peter and Nancy said...

I love it when our kids surprise us with profound things like these. What a great conversation!

No Greater Love said...

Oh, I love it. That is so beautiful!!!! :) It amazes me how profound the kids can be.... Really we can learn so much from them.

Cheri said...

How wonderfully said!

Anonymous said...



Ohilda said...

I LOVED this post!!!

Stephanie said...

This is precious!
Would you be willing to let us feature this post on "We Are Grafted In"? ( It is a Christian adoption website that seeks to encourage adoptive parents and those considering adoption as well as those with a passion for orphan care and foster care.
If you are willing, I'd just need a brief bio and a picture to use when it is featured so we can direct our readers back to your blog.
Just let me know!
Administrator of WAGI
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