Has anyone seen my mind? It appears to be missing.

Friday, October 5, 2012

On Wednesday, I sent our adoption agency an email, saying that we had completed the DS-230 and that it would be in the mail soon. I also listed a few questions that I had. Here is question #6, verbatum:

6) Do we need to fill out (and send) any documentation for our new son's DS230?


that would be the very same DS-230 that I said we had completed
up at the top
of that very same email

Our travel coordinator didn't even bat an eye
(of course, I didn't see her face when she read the email, so maybe she did bat an eye).

 in her response to me, she simply congratulated us on the completion of our paperwork and then proceeded to tell us that yes, we did need to fill out and send in the DS-230.

What a lovely lady.
I wanted to kiss her.
But I refrained.
(I was too busy printing off another copy of our DS-230, since on the first copy I had checked the box stating that Kaikai would be coming to the U.S., seeking employment.)


Anyone seen a loose mind running around unattended?

I think it's mine.


Lisa said...

Love the pic! Maybe our minds are off on vacation together! Hope they come back refreshed and ready to focus!

Nikki said...

LOL!!! I think you are entitled! Many things going on...and I call it mommy brain!!! I have it all the time it seems!

Peter and Nancy said...

I have so much paranoia about forms and notarization and apostilling!!! Inevitably, I read something wrong, write something wrong, etc. So don't worry -- you have plenty of company. :o)

No Greater Love said...

That is funny. :) And I love the picture of your desk. Did David that picture while you were sitting at it. ha ha ha ha ha. I crack myself usual.

Difference2This1 said...

I think our mind starts playing with us after a certain threshold of adoption paperwork pushing :)

Or it runs away after a certain threshold of childrens' issues. I'm sure that's the cause of mine running off. LOL!

Blessings, Jennifer

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