Happy Red, White and Blue!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It seemed like an unusual fourth of July celebration in Colorado. Because of all of the fires, there was a ban on fireworks and it was surprising to me how much I associate this holiday with the typical sights and sounds of firecrackers and fireworks.

When I was a child, my dad ran a fireworks stand and we always worked at the stand (I made a dollar an hour bagging fireworks and adding the right amount of punks to the bag). We always had TONS of fireworks and we loved to blow up little mounds of dirt and throw bottle rockets through the air. Yikes! Its a wonder that no one blew a hand off. The worst that ever happened was a hole in the kitchen linoleum. My sister, Stephanie, made me stand on it while she ran upstairs to get a brown permanent marker. We thought that we had my mom fooled, but years later she informed us that she chose not to make an issue of it, but always noticed that hole in the linoleum when she washed the floor.

We had to satisfy ourselves with this cute little site, which the kids really enjoyed.

We did have a fun family day. I took the four older kids swimming with Meredith and her boys. That was super-fun. Then, our whole family went out for burritos. We came home and David and Adam set up the badmitton net.

Grace and I watched most of the time. Grace is doing great, but we're trying not to over-tire her. Just today, we saw a few little spots on her legs, which may confirm the HSP diagnosis. We'd be glad to have a definite answer about what has been ailing our little girl. 

Adam made a few trips up the tree to retrieve birdies.

For dinner-time desert, we were able to have our traditional United States jello mold. The kids love picking out their favorite states to eat!

 This year, it came complete with sprinkles from the Logue family.

Sometimes, I know that I take for granted the freedom that we have in this country. But, I am reminded today of the sacrifices that so many have made for this freedom. Thank you so much to all of you who have served our country, who have spouses who serve our country, or who have children who serve our country. I appreciate each one of you!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the jello mold!!!! That is awesome!!!!

Happy 4th!

We had a state wide burn ban last year and could not have fire was just different :)

No Greater Love said...

That jello mold is a total tradition in your family....I love it.

Happy 4th.....

Gwen said...

Yeah, we had a ban on fireworks here, too. Praying we get some rain here (and in your neck of the woods, too)!

Love the jello mold! How cool is that! :)

Waitingfaithfully said...

So good to see your sweet Grace smiling. It looks like you all had a great day--and as a military family, "thank you" for the thank you!



Heidi said...

I was always so jealous that you had a way to make money (at the fireworks stand). Haven't thought about that in years.

It's so cool that your mom chose to overlook the hole in the floor. Perhaps it's the things we chose to leave on the table--the ability to pick the most crucial issues and leave the rest alone--that make us good parents. Your mom always struck me as a very good parent.

Love Heidi

Nikki said...

LOVE the Jello mold!!! Looks like a nice day spent with family, just like it should be! So happy Grace is doing better!!!!

Heidi said...

Just came from ER with Josh. Very high fever for Josh yesterday and today. They think it's viral. Doctor told us that something called adenovirus was going around this summer. I'd never heard of it but it can come with high fevers and then stomach issues and can last for 5-9 days. Often transmitted through swimming pools, I guess. Just thought I'd tell you about it, in case you guys are still wondering. But hopefully it has resolved. We'll see how long Josh's illness lasts. Was thinking about you this morning and all of your recent trips to ER.


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