Even more good mail, and somebody better hide my wallet!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh yes!
We got our updated I-800A.
At least I think we did.
It has a red "copy" stamped onto it, so I have to call our agency tomorrow and make sure that I got the right thing...If I did, the kids and I are heading to Denver to get it certified. Then, it goes to the Chinese consulate in Chicago to be authenticated. After that, it will be sent to our agency, and then it will be in the mail (along with the rest of our dossier) to CHINA!!! Woohoo!!!

I have to tell you.
We absolutely LOVED the video of Kaikai.
But, it made us a little bit sad, as well.
It seemed like the SWI was trying to show us what our little guy could do. That was super-nice, but honestly, we don't really care what he can do. We are committed to this precious boy, no matter how mobile he is. We are glad that he is mobile, but if he wasn't, we'd still be adopting him. We hope that he knows that! We want him to feel loved and accepted no matter what his abilities are!

So....I've been going a little bit crazy buying him things. I feel like sending him a package every single day. I want him to know that we are coming for him no matter what! Oh my we love this little boy!!!

I came across these photos yesterday. Our little cutie is the one in the yellow and white shirt.
Could he be any sweeter?!
Well, we don't think so!

Oh sweet Kaikai, we love you! Thank you, Father, that it won't be too long before we are holding this precious little boy in our arms!!!


No Greater Love said...

I would not hide your wallet... :) I'd totally send packages every week...he's soooooooo cute.

Peter and Nancy said...

How AWESOME to have new video of him! That is such a lifeline as you wait, and I'm sure your kids are over the moon being able to have a few more glimpses of their new brother.

Nikki said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hearing about your sweet little guy and I LOVE hearing about how much you adore your newest blessing!!!

Anonymous said...

his smile is precious!
I am with Mer, hide your wallet...I long for the day we can send packages!!!

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