Competition or compassion?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

When we take a critical look at ourselves, we have to recognize that competition, not compassion, is our main motivation in life. We find ourselves deeply immersed in all sorts of comptetition. Our whole sense of self is dependent upon the way we compare ourselves with others and upon the differences we can identify. Then the question, 'Who am I?" is put to the powers of this world...the answer is simply, 'You are the difference you make.' It is by our differences, distinctions, that we are recognized, honored, rejected, or despised. Whether we are more or less intelligent, practical, strong, fast, handy, or handsome depends upon those with whom we are compared or those with whom we compete. It is upon these positive or negative distinctions that much of our self-esteem depends.
Compassion, McNeill, Morrison, Nouwen p. 19


Peter and Nancy said...

Is one of the authors of this book Henri Nouwen? I collect quotations, and have lots from Nouwen. These are great food for thought.

Sarah said...

Yes Nancy, it is Henri Nouwen. I love his writing!

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