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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yesterday, Jadon was David's work helper.
Most of the money that the kids make when they work with David goes into a savings account (which they can only use to give away or to save for when they are older).
But they do get to keep some of the money to spend as they'd like.

Jadon had a special request for his payment yesterday. He asked for two $2 bills and a $1 coin for payment. David was happy to oblige and Jadon was soooo excited.

On their last work stop of the day, David was talking to the homeowner about Jadon's special payment. The homeowner told David that she thought Jadon was super-nice cute and so nice, and then she disappeared. When she came back, she had another $1 coin in her hand...and guess who she gave it to?

 I think that Jadon was just a little bit excited about his extra coin!

Is he cute, or what?!!!


Kristen said...

So fun!! I bet that made his day!

No Greater Love said...

Oh, Jadie, what are you going to buy your Aunt Meredith? :)

Sarah said...

Cool Jadon!Ilike it!
have fun w/ your money!

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