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Friday, June 1, 2012

Friends, I love India.

And I'm sad about how things have turned out with our adoption from India.

But, honestly, receiving the denial to adopt from India, has not caused me to give up hope. In fact, it has only caused me to become even more committed to helping orphans in India get the help that they need.

In 2010, Lily and I visited a children's home in India. It was a beautiful place. The woman who started it loves the Lord with all of her heart. The children who live there are being loved with the love of Jesus.

Would you consider helping some of these children attend school?

In a place where children with special needs are often considered of little value, these children are being valued. In a place where children without parents are considered to be without hope, these children are being offered hope.

Would you help to offer them hope?

Would you donate to their chance at attending school?

Click here if you can help.

Thank you, my friends.
Thank you.


Peter and Nancy said...

I love how you're choosing to focus on the children who still need help, even while you're grieving and accepting this setback for your family. Your care is such an example of Christ's hope that no one be unloved or forgotten . . .

Nikolyn said...

agreeing and praying for more and more love and support for these kids. Love you, Sarah.

Difference2This1 said...

Sarah..can you email me your phone # in case we have to call. email access may be spotty once we leave home :)

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